Free shipping on all products and tracking available immediately after purchase.

We see how high shipping costs can really negitively affect a customers overall expereince on a website and we want to insure all HAPPINESS customers get the best service possible.

You will receive update emails about when your items will arrive and will be notified when your package comes upon delivery.

Shipment Processing Times

It takes us 2-4 days to process your order and get it ready to ship. With all our products you can expect 7-10 day delivery guaranteed.

Our team works hard to constantly be improving our brand and website so if you ever have any questions or feedback for us to improve don't hesitate to ask. We would love to help with all your needs and appreciate all feedback.

Tracking your Order

 We have teamed up with the tracking app Shop for all our products, and orders placed on our store will be able to get tracked through their services. We see how useful and practical their app is and want to share that with our customers being able to see exactly where your order is at all times.