Welcome to Happiness!

'Sometimes we say we are happy, but say it with a straight face'.

Be aware of people's true emotions while that can make all the difference".

-Happiness Clothing

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Shipping/ Delivery

Free shipping on all products and tracking is available immediately after purchase. You can expect 7-10 day delivery guaranteed with all our products.

Saving You Money

With HAPPINESS products, never worry about replacing; quality is our number one goal, which is why our team ensures the best quality materials are used in production.


A Little About Us

Through our brand, we aim to transform lives by inspiring individuals to embrace their authentic selves and discover true happiness. We believe in fostering a culture where people feel comfortable expressing their emotions to those who are close to them. In life, genuine fulfillment lies not in appearances, but in nurturing a positive mental state within ourselves.


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At HAPPINESS Clothing, we are revolutionizing the industry by offering high quality embroidery to the masses. We believe that the product you spend your hard earned money on should last a lifetime and the confidence and satisfaction you feel when wearing HAPPINESS is unmatched.

Future Drops

We will be sharing upcoming designs and concepts that represent various aspects of mental health, serving as a source of encouragement for individuals and communities alike.

At HAPPINESS, we are committed to continuous elevation and improvement across all aspects of our clothing line. Our dedicated team is constantly striving to enhance our brand as a whole, ensuring that each piece of clothing exudes the highest quality and surpasses the standards set by other brands in terms of both appearance and comfort.

Our Mission

At HAPPINESS, our top priority is delivering exceptional quality to our valued customers consistently. We are dedicated to making a positive impact providing affortable prices and fostering a vibrant community through our brand, revitalizing the clothing industry as a whole.